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Allyson R. Abbott

Author of Candy Apple Pink


Author Bio:

#1 International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author (fiction and non-fiction) A Blooming Boomer who loves life on the road, making new friends and meeting great people. Life in the slow lane!

After a few full-on years of travelling, which included a year and a half checking out New Zealand, a few Pacific islands, Australia and South Africa, 15months driving around the USA in a motorhome, some quick few weeks visit to Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Spain, Allyson and her husband have now decided to pull over onto the hard shoulder for a while and have settled on the Valencian Province in Spain. Life is rich, according to Allyson, but the pocket is empty and she needed time to focus on her writing. It is very easy to get distracted when you see so many beautiful places.

The last twelve months have seen three new nonfiction books; all to help authors write, publish and promote their books, thirteen short sexy reads penned as Cyra May and three new Sweet Christmas stories all to be published in 2018. Allyson is also publishing the first book from the brand new romance/suspense ‘Foxxy’ series. Where the Equalizer meets the A-team; righting wrongs with their own ‘Foxxy’ brand of retribution.

Of course being locked in a room and chained to a desk, did not help top up her sun tan, but at least Allyson was very productive.

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Candy Apple Pink

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



Five years ago, Billie left her small home town for the bright lights of New York City, determined to spread her wings and fly. Her biggest disappointment was that Leroy, the love of her life, didn’t follow. Pride stopped them from contacting each other before they moved forward.

Eventually returning home, Billie is catching up with friends and family when she runs into Leroy. Shocked to see how much he’s changed, she discovers the real reason he’d couldn’t accompany her to the east.

Has five years apart untangled their hearts? Or does it just need The Deuce to bring them back together?

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