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Angela Steven

Author of Catching Robert

A short story for The Thrill Of The Chase Series


Author Bio:

Angela Stevens is the author of steamy contemporary romance and contemporary fantasy. A sucker for emotional happy-ever-afters, she devours romance books like potato chips. Outside of reading, she is a rabid Ice hockey fan and can be found rocking the red and cheering on her beloved Washington Capitals team.


Whether you pick up one of her seven romances or six fantasies you will be treated to strong characters and emotional journeys.

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Cathing Robert
Shades of Pink Anthology 2018


Robert Chase has it all planned out, Graduate from college, set up his architect practice, and then find a good woman to settle down with, but that was before Margaret Chase walked into the Ice Cream parlor where he worked and turned all his plans upside down.

Set in the 1970's this story is a fun prequel to Angela Steven's brand new Thrill of The Chase Series and tells the story of how the six Chase siblings' mother and father met. A sweet introduction to Angela Steven's steamy contemporary romance series.

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