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Brynna & Alyria

Authors of Dragon’s Claw



Bethany Cagle, who writes as Brynna Curry, was born south of the Mason-Dixon Line in a small Alabama town. Growing up, books fueled her dreams and imagination, ultimately became her sanctuary during the hardest times in her life. After living all over the southern states, she finally landed back in north Alabama where she met her husband, Jackie. She spent a wonderful twenty-two years with her hero, raising their three children. Now widowed, she spends her free time writing. Her furry minions, Jace, Styxx, Beerus and Asheron, are always willing to keep her company while she works. She insists love is the truest magic and with it, every day is an adventure.


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Alyria Curry is a sassy, sarcastic, graphics design major with an affinity for dogs, anime, music, all the villains, and black. She prefers the dark side, and not just because they have cookies. Being the youngest of three, at least of human children that is, she still manages to get away with many things. Her cute not so little fur baby, Loki, is her pride and joy. She is the youngest daughter of Brynna Curry and mainly co-authors to keep from hearing her mother stress and complain about deadlines so much. In all seriousness, she loves a good story and likes to share them with everyone.

Dragon’s Claw

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



When a magic sword falls into Catryna Logan’s hands, she is faced with the reality of demons, dragons and a past that can’t possibly be real. Or can it? To escape the evil serpent demons searching for her, she will have to put her past and future in the hands of the dragon demon king Kairyuu. But will trusting him cost her everything?

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