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Christine Estopare

Author of At Midnight  

Author Bio

C.M. Estopare, also known as Christine Michele, can usually be found at her writing desk (aka, kitchen table) pounding away at her keyboard with her uber mutt, Duke, snoring loudly as her keystrokes put him to sleep. Christine has always had her nose in a fantasy book and when she stumbled upon wuxia fiction, her husband almost lost her in her Kindle for three days straight. Unable to shut up about her unending book ideas (her husband can vouch for this), Christine began writing in 2015 and hasn’t stopped since.

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At Midnight

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



Sera’s never asked for much. Around nine, she just wants peace and quiet, but her new neighbor seems intent on playing his speakers at maximum volume.


It’s easy enough to get him to stop, right? Just walk over there, knock on the door, and politely ask him to stop. The thing is, she hasn’t even made eye contact with the guy and doesn’t know his name. There’s also a mysterious air floating around his apartment door that warns her to stay away.


But that’s pretty hard when he’s casually slipping her glasses of wine over the balcony wall and trading cheesy jokes with her in the freezing October air.


Her sleep is at stake—her job is at stake, but Sera is pretty sure that if she knocks on that door her life will be too.

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