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Donna R. Mercer

Author of Watermelon Spice


Author Bio:

Donna R. Mercer writes romances that she doesn’t like to label but contains bold characters that are not afraid to push the boundaries. She brings her own unique outlook on life to her writing which she shares with her readers. It's cheaper than therapy. Join her on a journey into the unknown wonders of her mind. Seatbelts are optional.

Donna lives in the not so wilds of Colorado with her husbands, children and plethora of spoiled fur babies.

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Watermelon Spice

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



Love is all fun and games until someone ends up in a coma.

Melony and Royce had a dream life together until an accident landed Melony in a coma. For years, Royce has been by her side as she lay hooked up to machines to keep her alive.

He watched. He learned. And what he discovered has him shocked. Someone is keeping his Melony from him.

Awareness comes and goes in Melony’s world. The one thing that has always been stable is her husband, Royce, by her side. Is she strong enough to break free of the hold her mind has on her body?

Powerful forces have separated Royce and Melony.

Can love bring them back together?

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