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L. Madison

Author of Royally Stolen - A Fast Burn short
Author Bio:
L. Madison works long hours during the day, and indulges in her love of sugar and spice and everything naughty the rest of the time.
You are always welcome to email her at L.MadisonBooks@gmail.com
Or click            to learn more about her!

Royally Stolen - A Fast Burn short

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



All’s fair in secret love and family wars…


Teagan Fairchild has learned to expect the bare minimum from those around her. And just when she’s starting to wonder if something real might come out of her clandestine affair with a royal prince, he vanishes… and resurfaces engaged to her arch nemesis and secret cousin!


 That’s the final straw. He’s dead to her. Until he shows up out of the blue with a proposition that will change everything…

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