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Laurie Treacy

Author of Only my Heart


Author Bio:

Laurie Treacy resides in the beautiful mid-Hudson Valley with her family. Living in an area steeped in supernatural lore and legends certainly inspires this author of YA and NA fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Laurie enjoys urban exploring and photographing forgotten places. She’s a proud Whovian, Studio Ghibli fangirl, and K-drama addict. 

Laurie’s a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and their chapters for Young Adult writers (YARWA) and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal writers (FF&P).

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Only  my Heart

Shades of Pink Anthology 2018



When Amelia’s ex-boyfriend asks for a ride somewhere, she can’t refuse the favor. Mason was her first love, and she left him to deal with a family health crisis. Then she discovers he is going away—for how long he doesn’t say. Should she rethink her harsh decision?

Old feelings resurface the longer they’re together. As Mason’s departure time approaches, Amelia wonders if he still cares for her. Should she reveal her feelings and face possible rejection or leave things as they are and say goodbye?

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